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Rigid Dump Truck

China’s first double-axle drive mining dump truck applied to various large open-pit mines.
Meet the needs of large-scale mining equipment ,large loading capacity,strong transport circulation capacity.
Hydro pneumatic suspension improves the service life and reliability of the chassis.


Product Features

TLD125 rigid dump truck is designed to load 70T-80T, which fills the market gap between 60T and 90T of China domestic mining dump truck.

TLD125 rigid dump truckis mainly used in the mining and transportation of large-scale open pit mines, and can meet the development needs of large-scale open-pit mine equipment.

The service life time of TLD125 rigid dump truck is more than 8 years.

Technical Parameters

Overall parameters Model TLD125
Brand Tonly
Drive mode 6*4
GVW (t) 126
Rated payload (t) 80
Kerb weight (t) 46
Dimensions (mm) 11100*4443*4475
Wheelbase (mm) 4300+1900
Wheel track (mm) 2330(Main pin)/3052
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 440
Minimum turning radius (m) 12
Maximum height of bucket lift (mm) 10400
Maximum angle of bucket lift (°) 54
Loading height (mm) 5170
Braking distance (m) 23
Maximum climbing degree (%) 30
Maximum speed (km/h) 35
Engine Model YCK16775-T300
Manufacturer/Country Guangxi YC/China
Power (hp/kw) 775/570
Transmission Model 8DS260
Manufacturer/Country Fast/China
Input torque (N•m) 2600
Axle Manufacturer/Country Shandong PX/China
Load/T 25+45+45
Tires/Rims Tire model 18.00R25
Rim size 13.00/2.5-25
Container Base plate material/thickness (mm) NM400/18
Front plate material/thickness (mm) T700/12
Side plate material/thickness (mm) T700/12
Container volume (m³) 45/52
Hydraulic system Model FE202
Manufacturer/Country HYVA/China
Steering device Fully hydraulic steering
Container lift time (s) 26
Container descent time (s) 25
Weight distribution Empty load
Front axle (kg) 18500
Rear axle (kg) 27500
Total weight (50%fuel) (kg) 46000
Front axle (kg) 25000
Rear axle (kg) 101000
Total weight (kg) 126000