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    1.Attention of mining dump truck maintenance

    Pay attention to the content of inspection before and after leaving the vehicle every day:

    1)Check the hydraulic oil quantity of mining dump truck, if there is any shortage, check whether the hydraulic system is damaged or leaked , if there is, deal with it in time.

    2)Pay attention to the connection and fastening between the upper and lower support of hydraulic cylinder, connecting rod mechanism and other parts of mining dump truck status. Observe whether the moving parts and their adjacent fixed parts have abnormal damage or deformation .

    3)Check the intact condition of mining dump truck carriage and sub-frame, especially pay attention to the open welding, crack and other phenomenon.

    4)Check the working or wear condition of moving parts such as mining dump truck gear pump, PTO and hydraulic cylinder, and carry out maintenance, repair and replacement of vulnerable parts.


    The following items should be inspected regularly after each week or every 50 working hours:

    Check whether there is leakage in all gas and oil routes of mining dump truck or not. If there is, replace the damaged hose in time. Check whether all bolts and nuts are loose or not. If they are, tighten them in time to check the valve and hydraulic cylinder on mining dump truck status. If they are, clean them. Each filling point must be filled with grease gun to ensure the normal operation of mining dump truck. Check the condition of pad wood, rubber pad block or rubber pad belt, if there is aging it must be replaced in time.

    1)Mining dump truck high pressure hose must be replaced every two years, if it been found out that the hose crack damage or local expansion, it should be replaced in time.

    2)It is necessary to check whether there is air leakage and oil leakage in the tipping mechanism of mining dump truck or not. When filling with hydraulic oil, check whether the filter screen installed at the refueling port is damaged or not, and replace it if necessary. By doing this to avoid impurities and accelerate the wear and tear of hydraulic components or early damage. It is strictly prohibited to mix different brands of hydraulic oil and add hydraulic oil that does not meet the requirements of the manual.

    3)One Should often check whether mining dump truck PTO, gear pump meshing and separation is normal or not to avoid incomplete separation caused by lifting the container accidentally. Under the working conditions, drivers also should pay attention to whether mining dump truck has abnormal sound or not or temperature too high. If necessary, remove it in time to avoid the PTO, gear pump, valve and other premature damage.

    4)When mining dump truck is overhauling, check the working face of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder to check if there is any bruising, scratching, etc., or not. if there is, repair it or make replacement in time, otherwise the hydraulic cylinder performance will decline significantly.

    5)Check whether the locking mechanism of the rear plate of container is reliable or not Frequently, and adjust it to a reasonable automatic opening and closing angle to prevent the rear plate of container locking mechanism from accidentally opening or failing to open when lifting. When unloading large blocks of material, the rear plate of container should be removed to avoid damaging of the rear plate of container.

    6)When mining dump truck is overhauling , cleaning is advised to prevent sundries into the hydraulic system and avoid the occurrence of wear components, plug valves and other conditions resulting in performance degradation.

    7)If mining dump truck is out of use for a long time, it should be checked according to the inspection content of the new mining dump truck before reusing, then can it be used again after passing the inspection.

    8)Check whether the connection between the chassis girder and the sub-frame is reliable or not Frequently , whether the U-bolt and shear iron are loose or not, whether the pad, rubber pad or rubber pad block is fixed firmly or not, if there is loose and dislocation, it must be tightened and reset.

    9)Hydraulic oil must be kept clean and replaced regularly. Before the hydraulic oil is injected into the oil tank, it should go through 48 hours of precipitation. The filtration accuracy of hydraulic oil is <25μm. The oil tank should be cleaned regularly to remove sediment. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly according to the deterioration condition, but the longest replacement period is one year.

    10)Lubricating grease shall be regularly added to the lubrication points of each transfer part of mining dump truck. The label number of the grease shall be strictly executed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


    Maintenance cycle of main assembly parts

    1)Engine maintenance cycle: First Maintenance time is 250 Working hours since mining dump truck been delivered on site, regular maintenance cycle every 500 hours.

    2)Transmission maintenance cycle: First Maintenance time is 5000 KM since mining dump truck been delivered on site, regular maintenance cycle every 10,000 KM

    3)Maintenance cycle of axle and balance axle: First Maintenance time is 4000 KM since mining dump truck been delivered on site, regular maintenance cycle every 5,000 KM

    4)Hydraulic oil maintenance cycle: 6 months.

    5)The vehicle must be lubricated each week.


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    2.Daily mining dump truck inspection

    Daily vehicle inspection

    Check the oil and fluid 
    1)Engine oil: Check whether the engine oil is sufficient or not. The oil level should be between the line L and H of the oil gauge. Do not mix different brands of oil.

    2)Cooling fluid: Check whether the engine coolant is sufficient or not, when the engine is supplemented with antifreeze, it is better to supplement the engine when the engine is in idle running state. It is prohibited to mix different types of antifreeze and use water instead of antifreeze.

    3)Brake fluid: Open the front cab door and check whether the brake fluid level is at the marking position of the brake fluid tank or not, it should not been lower than the lower limit.

    4)Oil for lifting and steering system: Check whether the oil mass is up to standard line from the oil level window of the hydraulic oil tank or not. The L-HV32 hydraulic oil had been added before mining dump truck been delivered.

    5)Fuel oil: Check the position of fuel gauge pointer at the control panel of cab. When the fuel gauge pointer is located at the red scale, fuel oil should be filled in time.

    Check the gas circuit and electric circuit
    1)Gas circuit: Shut down engine with full air pressure, no air leakage. Operate brake pedal, brake camshaft, air chamber push rod quick return position, no stuck.

    2)Lamplight: Turn on headlights, high beams, fog lights, combined taillights, double flashing lights, brake lights, reverse lights, etc., and check whether they are normal or not, the irradiation height should be consistent, converting the near and far lights, brightness and irradiation position should be correct, not deviate and astigmatism.

    3)Meter: Check whether the instrument is normal or not. Check whether the oil pressure, water temperature, charging indicator and air pressure are normal or not.

    Check the chassis, suspension and fasteners
    1)Check whether the bolts of the drive shaft are loose or not, the joints of the cross shaft and spline are well lubricated or not, and the bolts of the drive shaft are disposable or not and should not be reused or not.

    2)Check the leaf spring without cracks, broken pieces and arranged neatly.

    3)Check whether the U bolt is loose or not(the U bolts must be re-tightened within three days after the vehicle arrives at the mine and the tightening torque shall reach M30 1100-1200N.m).

    4)Check whether the plate spring support, shock absorber, thrust rod and thrust rod support are damaged or not.

    Check tires and bolts
    1)Check the appearance of the tire: whether there are obvious scratches or swells or not.

    2)Check tire air pressure: Air pressure of ADVANCE and AEOLUS bias tire is 1-1.1 Mpa, their radial tire air pressure is 1.1-1.15 Mpa, and the KUNLUN tire air pressure is 1.3 Mpa.

    3)Check whether the tire bolts are tightened: The tightening torque of the tire bolts is 700-800 N.m (once each tire been changed, the tire must be re-tightened after driving for 5 hours or 50 km).

    After-Driving Checking
    1)Drain gathered water of inside air reservoir.

    2)Check the fastening condition of braking and steering system.

    3)Check whether there are oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage or not.

    4)Check whether the intake connections are reliable or not.

    5)Check whether the pipe is loose to avoid dust inhalation or not.

    6)The maintenance cycle of air filter element should be shortened when the vehicle is running under the condition of heavy dust.

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    3.Tonly mining dump truck safety operation regulations

    Improper handling of mining dump truck is dangerous and accidents are possible. The best way to prevent accidents is to follow the rules of safe operation.


    Forbidden items during driving operation

    1)Fatigue driving, driving with sick mining dump truck.

    2)The hand signals between the driver and the commander are not clear.

    3)Operate mining dump truck in loose clothing.

    4)Carelessness checking the state of mining dump truck before driving.

    5) Driving without paying attention to the external operating environment.

    6) Don’t follow the instructions.

    7)Incorrect operation of mining dump truck.

    8)The vehicle is not maintained.

    9)When the cargo is fully loaded, it is strictly prohibited to go downhill at a high speed or stop mining dump truck suddenly.


    Safe operation rules for container lifting and falling

    1)When the container is lifted, the operator must not leave the operating position.

    2)Do not allow any person to stand or walk near the work area while the container is being lifted or in the lifting state.

    3)Never stand under a lifted box until the container is fully supported for mining dump truck maintenance.


    Safe operation rules for loading and unloading

    1)The loading goods should be equally distributed in the compartment to ensure that the goods are equally loaded on the front, behind, left and right of the container, and to minimize the height of the loaded goods.

    2)When using loader or electric shovel, avoid the collision with the container, the load of goods should be perpendicular to fall on the container central, loading large pieces of gravel and other goods should be more careful to prevent damage to the bottom of the container. Do not fall from a high place.

    3)Do not unloading the goods when the ground conditions in the dumping area are not clear.

    4)Container lifting and dumping of materials should never be carried out under any circumstances where mining dump truck is likely to tip over.

    5)When unloading the materials, ensure that mining dump truck of the front, behind, left and right of ground is firm flat, keep the level of mining dump truck; Do not lift in the downhill.

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    4.Proper usage of mining dump truck safety devices

    1. Fire extinguisher

    Generally, it is a 5kg dry powder fire extinguisher, which is located in the right rear side of the seat in the cab and is placed  and stuck in the annular hoop. When mining dump truck is on fire, take it out quickly to put out the fire.

    Method of application:  

    1)Lift the fire extinguisher from the hoop by holding the handle with your right hand.

    2)Carry a fire extinguisher to the point of ignition and observe the fire. Drop the extinguisher at a distance of 2-3 meters from the fire source. If you are outside, spray from the upwind direction.

    3)Turn the fire extinguisher upside down several times before using it.

    4)Pull off the safety pin, pull out the safety, holding the nozzle by the left hand at the root of the flame, holding the press handle by the right hand and dry powder is out. At the same time, swing the nozzle the left hand properly, so that the gas across the whole flame root, and gradually forward.

    5)In case of multiple open flames, move position round the bursting flame until the flame is completely extinguished and no open fire is left to prevent reignition.


    1. Safety Hammer

    Been Located in the upper left corner of the glass on the right side of the cab, once the driver was trapped in the cab and could not get out, so he used a safety hammer is been used to break the glass.

    1)Pick up the safety hammer and hit the four corners of the tempered glass. Do not hit the middle of the glass, which is the strongest.

    2)If the glass has a film, glass will not fall off immediately after breaking, use the foot to open the peel.

    3)After the glass fell off, he should get out of the cab in time and move to a safe place.  


    1. Safety support  

    Located on both sides of the sub-frame, the support rod is red which is used for mining dump truck maintenance after the container is lifted, in order to prevent the container from falling down suddenly and causing injuries.


    1. Seat belt 

    1)Check the status of all seat belts regularly. 

    2)Keep your seat belt clean.

    3)Do not allow foreign matters or liquids come into seat belts, lock tongues and seat belt lock slots.

    4)Do not clip or damage the seat belt and lock tongue.

    5)Do not disassemble, change or repair your seat belt and seat belt fasteners.

    6)Be sure to wear your seat belt correctly before each ride, and keep it properly fastened during the ride.


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    5.Several common errors in operation of mining dump truck

    1. When the engine is running, the PTO is located in the “on” position, and the lifting handle is located in the “lifting” position, while the clutch is vigorously lifted. Due to the sudden engagement, the PTO, the oil pump and the transmission shaft cause large impact load, which is easy to cause early damage.


    1. In the full loading situation,an action of suddenly lifting will putthe handle on the “drop” position, but crate is not landed, it may suddenly down, which will bring great impact to frame and even accidents will happen, despite the throttle device. The hydraulic cylinder is set to ensure that the vehicle down safety. If there are special circumstances need to do so, a careful operation is suggested.
    2. After unloading the materials, constantly open the PTO or forget to disconnect the PTO and then drive. In this way, when mining dump truck is on the road, the PTO is still in the joint position, the lifting oil pump will operate without load for a long time. In this case, the hydraulic oil temperature will rise rapidly, which will cause damage to the oil seal of the oil pump and even the oil pump will burn to death. Therefore, when driving after unloading the goods, it is necessary to disconnect and confirm that the power extractor has been disconnected.


    According to the different loading material and the condition of driving road, mining dump truck with different forms of mining dump truck containers should be selected, which is of great significance to improve the reliability, safety and service life of mining dump truck and economic benefits.



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    6.Operation attention when starting and shutting down mining dump truck

    Attention when starting

    1)Before starting the engine, the main power supply must be switched on and the parking handle must be in the braking position.

    2)Turn the key switch to the first gear to turn on the power, observe the instrument and signal indicator, and check whether the gear shift lever is in neutral position at the same time, automatically reset after release.

    3)Press down the clutch pedal, turn the key switch and release the key switch immediately after starting the engine.

    4)After the engine starts, observe the instrument and signal light:

    ① Oil pressure signal should be shut off.

    ② The battery charging indicator should be shut off.

    ③ The engine tachometer should be stable.

    ④ There should be no fault code on the instrument, if have, please repair.

    ⑤ When I and II circuit pressure pointer above 0.6 MPa, low pressure alarm lights extinguished, then can mining dump truck been started.



    ★ Each start-up time should be no more than 15 seconds.

    ★ Start-up time intervals should not be less than 30 seconds.

    ★ If it cannot be started for three consecutive times, the cause shall be found out and the fault shall be eliminated.

    ★ Do not step on the accelerator impetuously after the engine starts, the engine must be at an idle speed for 3-5 minutes, if mining dump truck been operated at high-speed immediately, which will cause the supercharger burning, a serious damage to the piston, and the engine hit tile.


    Attention when shutting down

    1)The engine should be running at an idle speed for 3-5 minutes before the engine is turned off. The engine can be turned off only when the water temperature of the engine is lowered at a level.

    2)After the engine is shut off, check for oil or water leakage. If any abnormality is found, repair it.



     If the engine does not running at an idle speed and been shut down suddenly , it will shorten the service life of the engine parts and especially  the supercharger. Therefore, it is not allowed to shut off the fire except in an emergency.


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    7.Attention for driving in inclement weather

    Common inclement weather has rain& snow weather, thunder & lightning weather, sand & dust weather and fog weather, etc., because of the particularity of the mine road, for the safety of mining dump truck and the driver, mining dump truck should stop running, prohibit the vehicle to continue to operate.

    When production resumes after inclement weather, mining dump truck must undergo necessary maintenance and repair and the road must be repaired to meet the requirements of mining dump truck on the road. Due to heavy rain, sandstorm and flood, equipment emergency evacuation and been driven to a safe position as requested,  certain safety and control skills should be followed.


    1. Driving in rain

    When the vehicle is driving on the wet road, the adhesion of the wheel decreases sharply with the increase of the speed of mining dump truck, and it is very easy to occur “water slip” phenomenon. Therefore, the driver cannot press the brake pedal or slam the steering wheel.


    1. Driving on icy roads

    The melting snow freezes into thin ice below freezing and the roads are extremely slippery. In order to prevent sideslip due to emergency braking and collision with other mining dump truck, the driver must slow down the speed and increase the safe distance.


    3.Driving in fog

    Lower visibility in foggy weather, narrowed vision, blurred vision. Turn on fog lights, rotating alarm lights and double flashes in time, slow down, keep a safe distance from mining dump truck in front, and don’t overtake at will. When you need to brake, you should make a few taps on the brake to let the brake light remind you of mining dump truck behind you. Then you should slow down the brake and pull over to the side. The warning light will continue to turn on. Use the horn frequently to prompt the attention of the front and behind mining dump truck. Avoid the emergency brake and other bad handling behavior like urgent wheel steering and lane changing per will.


    1. Driving on muddy road

    Because the road surface is soft and sticky, driving resistance is large. To prevent traffic accidents caused by sideslip, drivers must stop to check, control the speed, and master the skills of passing at a uniform speed.


    5.Fording Driving

    Due to the action of water flow, the road surface, roadbed may be damaged, there are safety hazards. To prevent a serious accident due to wading, a driver must survey the road surface, understand the condition of the road, the depth of the wading, and then drive slowly.


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    8.Attention of container rising & falling and material loading & unloading

    Operation procedure of container rising:  

    1)Park the vehicle on the level road surface and pull the brake valve to make it in the braking position.

    2)Put the gearbox gear in neutral and the lift control valve in “middle stop” gear.

    3)Press down the clutch pedal, pull the switch of the discharger to the connecting position, release the clutch, and then the discharger will be connected.

    4)When the lifting valve is pushed to the “lifting” position, the container starts to rise. Noted that the lifting speed of the container has a limit value. You can add oil appropriately to slightly increase the lifting speed.

    5)When the container is in the desired position, release the Accelerator and place the lift control valve in the “middle stop” position.


    Operation procedure of container falling:  

    1)Press down the clutch pedal, pull the PTO to the disengaged position, release the clutch, and the PTO will be disengaged.

    2)Slowly push the lifting valve to the “down” position. The lowering speed is controlled by the lifting control valve. This step must be slow.

    3)When the container is lowered to the lowest position, place the lift control valve in the “middle stop” position.

    4)Before the container has not completely landed, mining dump truck must not been started to prohibit container falling meanwhile driving.


    Attention in material loading and unloading:  

    1)When loading and unloading, mining dump truck must stop on the level and strong road surface and try to keep the vehicle in a horizontal state.

    2)Mining dump truck must stop when loading and unloading, and ensure that the manual brake valve is in the braking position.

    3)Strictly overload loading, reduce loading height as far as possible, avoid heaping, loading material should be equally distributed.

    4)During loading, the loading driver should avoid loading the material from a high level to the cargo body sharply.

    5)Do not unloading the viscous material rapidly.

    6)Do not stand or work under the lifted container until it is safely supported.

    7)Mining dump trucks are not allowed to start before the container has completely fallen. Prohibit container falling meanwhile driving. After unloading, wait for the carriage to stabilize before driving.

    8)The working pressure of the hydraulic system and the position of the limit valve (which has been adjusted before leaving the factory) can not be changed by the user at well.



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    9.Attention when oil pressure of mining dump truck is abnormal

    The normal work of mining dump truck engine lubrication system of mining dump truck engine plays an important role, mining dump truck is low engine oil pressure system final failure forms, the result may lead to the piston, crankshaft and the size of the tile engine parts damage;

    1. Mining dump truck engine oil storage is too small, resulting in no oil or less oil lubrication system, resulting in low oil pressure. Solution: Refuel.
    2. Oil is dirty or sticky so that the oil pump can not effectively suck in and pump out the oil, resulting in low or no oil pressure. Solution: Change the oil.
    3. Thin oil or due to high engine temperature caused by thin oil, which will leak from the engine’s friction pair gap, resulting in low oil pressure. Solution: Change the oil or overhaul the cooling system.
    4. Oil tubing oil leakage, oil pump damage or excessive wear of its parts will lead to oil intake, pump volume reduction, or no amount, resulting in low or no pressure oil pressure. Solution: Overhaul.
    5. Excessive clearance between the crankshaft and the size of the tile leads to oil leakage, resulting in low oil pressure. Solution: Overhaul.
    6. Pressure limiting valve or relief valve spring is too soft, hairpin or ball damage caused by the loss of valve function or reduced oil pressure. Solution: Replace and overhaul.
    7. Low oil pressure due to oil sensor plug, pressure gauge or circuit failure. Solution: Replace and check.


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    10.How to avoid to burn through clutch sheet when mining dump truck starts

    First, the operation of the key point of the clutch pedal in the mining area of the main road is “one fast, two slow, three linkage”. Before starting, try the clutch pedal and experience the free trip of the clutch pedal, working trip and pedal foot feeling. When starting, step on the clutch till it is completely separated, hung a gear. When lifting the clutch pedal, follow the main operation of “one fast, two slow and three linkage”. The process of pedal lifting is divided into three stages, starting to lift quickly. When the clutch appears the half linkage (at this time the engine sound has changed), the pedal raises the speed slightly. From the half linkage to the full combination of the process, lift the pedal slowly. When the clutch pedal is raised, the accelerator pedal is gradually pressed down according to the resistance of the engine to make the car start smoothly. Accelerator operation should be smooth and appropriate.


    Second, starting above the second grade is strictly prohibited .


    Third, when it comes to mining dump truck starting, step the clutch pedal down during shifting and low speed brake, other times do not put the foot on the clutch pedal.


    Fourth, in the process of gear shifting, the operation of the clutch pedal should be quickly pressed down and raised, do not make half linkage, otherwise, it will accelerate the wear of the clutch.

    Fifth, use the brake correctly. Except for the low speed brake stop the clutch pedal need to step down. The purpose of pressing down on the clutch pedal is to prevent the engine from stalling when braking and stopping at low speed.The correct handling is to press the brake pedal first and the clutch pedal bring the vehicle to a steady stop.