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  • TLS series Mining Watering Cart  is a watering cart developed by Tonly with large water storage capacity, wide spraying range, long continuous spraying mileage and high operating efficiency.
  • Special equipment for slope transportation in underground mines.
  • TL849 is 6*6 all terrain dump truck designed by Tonly.
    In the same loading capacity, TL849 has lower fuel consumption and maintenance cost compared with VOLVO A40F Articulated dump truck (ADT).
    No.1 marketing share in 6*6 all terrain dump truck in China.
  • With mature technology, stable quality, safety and reliability and high performance cost ratio.
    Ranked No.1 in market share and "Gold Prize for Market Performance" , high-quality product.
    Enlarged container volume to improve transport efficiency.
  • TL875 off-highway dump truck is the most popular series of 6*4 mining dump truck designed and manufactured by Tonly.
    In the same working condition, TL875 off-highway dump truck owns higher return on investment compared with Rigid Dump Trucks such as Komatsu HD465, Belaz 7555E and CAT 773.
    No.1 Market share of 6*4 Mining Dump Trucks in China and the possessing capacity is over 33,000 units in the world.
  • TL885A, a new style mining dump truck with high bearing and low energy consumption strictly enforce national & industrial standard which integrated mature power transmission system and optimized key parts: main frame, steering system, suspension system etc, based on accumulated Tonly product technology and construction scheme many years. It has mature technology, reliable quality, safety and environmental protection, and large payload capacity. It is the first choice for the large open pit to realize high efficiency transportation.
  • An electronic-controlled engine and auto-gear transmission can be easily operated and they are efficient.
    Informatization and automation technologies are used to manage mining equipment efficiently .
    Lightweight technology and reliability brings long service life and a low transportation cost.
  • TLE series pure electric mining dump truck is a zero-emission, zero-pollution, short-distance engineering transportation mining dump truck developed by Tonly in response to the national energy-saving, emission-reduction and environmental protection requirements, and integrating years of research and development results of new energy mining dump truck.
  • China’s first double-axle drive mining dump truck applied to various large open-pit mines.
    Meet the needs of large-scale mining equipment ,large loading capacity,strong transport circulation capacity.
    Hydro pneumatic suspension improves the service life and reliability of the chassis.