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TL891 Mining Dump Truck

This dump truck is equipped with an electronically controlled engine and an automatic transmission,with more convenient control and higher efficiency; Large tonnage engineering axles as well as engineering-specific tires and a 50m large volume container with large load capacity.
Adopt the whole machine optimization design scheme of Tonly core technology,with stable performance,reliable quality and attendance rate of above 90%. 

Technical Parameters

Overall parameters Model TL891
Brand Tonly
Drive mode 6×4
GVW (t) 135
Rated payload (t) 90
Kerb weight (t) 45
Dimensions (mm) 10250×3966×4287
Wheelbase (mm) 4175+1900
Wheel track (mm) 3039/2810
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 410
Minimum turning radius (m) 12
Maximum height of bucket lift (mm) 10011
Maximum angle of bucket lift (°) 48
Loading height (mm) 4164
Braking distance (m) 18
Maximum climbing degree (%) 30
Maximum speed (km/h) 45
Engine Model QSM15-770-30
Manufacturer / Country DCEC/China
Power (hp/kw) 770/566
Transmission Model 8DS280
Manufacturer / Country Fast/China
Input torque (N·m) 2100
Axle Manufacturer / Country Hande/China
Load/T 30+50+50
Tires / Rims Tire model 480/95R29
Rim size 13.00/2.5-29
Container Base plate material/thickness (mm) NM400/16
Rear plate material/thickness (mm) NM400/12
Front plate material/thickness (mm) T700/12
Side plate material/thickness (mm) T700/10
Container volume (m³) 50
Hydraulic system Model FEA214
Manufacturer / Country HYVA/China
Steering device Hydraulic steering
Lifting time (s) 24
Discharge time (s) 24
Weight distribution Empty load
Front axle (kg) 15000
Rear axle (kg) 30000
Total weight (50% fuel) (kg) 45000
Front axle (kg) 30000
Rear axle (kg) 105000
Total weight (kg) 135000