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TLD Mining Dump Truck

TLD series is our automatic mining dump truck, with two kinds of models TLD65 (42 tons) and TLD90 (60 tons).

Product Features

The fourth generation mining dump truck (Tonly D series products) is the new product that is deeply researched, developed and manufactured leanly by Tonly. According to the industrial standards in the spirit of sticking to centering on the new market structure, new client demand and mine construction technology. Such product has the new breakthrough in the aspects of automation, informatization and full life circle quality, making the technical standards of the product rise to a new level.

Tonly D series products apply to mining dump truck information management system with the high informatization management integration level.

 It can change the speed automatically with the automatic control – more comfortable.

The continuous power flexible transmission is achieved and the transportation efficiency is improved by more than 20%, thus the transportation is more efficient.

The active safety and passive safety are improved comprehensively, thus the product is safer.

The reliability within the full life circle is upgraded, thus the service life is longer.

Technical Parameters

Overall parameters Model TLD65 TLD90
Brand Tonly
Drive mode 6×4 6×4
GVW (t) 65 90
Rated payload (t) 40 60
Kerb weight (t) 25 30
Dimensions (mm) 8895×3220×3800 9500×3650×3715
Wheelbase (mm) 3600+1500 4075+1550
Wheel track (mm) 2442/2252 2680/2500
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 305 305
Minimum turning radius (m) 10.5 11
Maximum height of bucket lift (mm) 7650 7830
Maximum angle of bucket lift (°) 50 50
Loading height (mm) 3800 3975
Braking distance (m) 12 14
Maximum climbing degree (%) ≥36 ≥32
Maximum speed (km/h) 40 40
Engine Model WP13G430E310 WP13G530E310
Manufacturer / Country Weichai/China
Power (hp/kw) 430/316 530/390
Transmission Model FC6A210DPRT FC6A250DPRT
Manufacturer / Country Xi’an FC/China
Axle Manufacturer / Country Hande/China
Load/T 13+25+25 20+35+35
Tires / Rims Tire model 14.00-25 14.00-25
Rim size 10.0/2.0-25 10.0/2.0-25
Container Base plate material/thickness (mm) T700/16 NM400/16
Rear plate material/thickness (mm T700/12 NM400/12
Front plate material/thickness (mm) T700/10 T700/10
Side plate material/thickness (mm) T700/10 T700/10
Container volume (m³) 25 30
Hydraulic system Model FC179 FC191
Manufacturer / Country HYVA/China
Steering device Dual steering Fully hydraulic steering
Lifting time (s) 23 25
Discharge time (s) 23 25
Weight distribution Empty load
Front axle (kg) 10000 10000
Rear axle (kg) 15000 20000
Total weight (50% fuel) (kg) 25000 30000
Front axle (kg) 15000 20000
Rear axle (kg) 50000 70000
Total weight (kg) 65000 90000