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Tonly Heavy Industries has recruited famous mining dump truck experts from both home and abroad, and has established advanced R&D and manufacturing capability.

Mining Dump Truck

Shaanxi Tonly Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech Chinese enterprise specializing in the manufacture of mining dump truck. Tonly has built the largest mining dump truck manufacturing base in China and it is also the pioneer and leader in China

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Rigid Dump Truck

The TLD125 mining dump truck is the first domestic dual-axle drive mining dump truck developed by Tonly. It is mainly used in the mining and transportation of large open-pit mines and can meet the development needs of large-scale open-pit mining equipment.

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Sprinkler Truck

TLS series Mining Watering Cart is a watering cart developed by Tonly with large water storage capacity, wide spraying range, long continuous spraying mileage and high operating efficiency.

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Tunnel Truck

Special equipment for slope transportation in underground mines

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Why Choose Tonly

  • Championship

    Tonly is the leading supplier of enjoying 15 Consecutive years sales championship and the market holdings is more than 30,000 units.

  • Standard setter

    Tonly is the first author and established design specification standards for mining dump truck in China and owns the original core technologies.

  • Customized

    Tonly mining dump truck are customized to suit fo different working conditions and meets the needs of customers.

  • On-site service

    wherever the dump truck goes, there comes Tonly's Service Personnel and spare parts.