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Sprinkler Truck

TLS series Mining Watering Cart  is a watering cart developed by Tonly with large water storage capacity, wide spraying range, long continuous spraying mileage and high operating efficiency.

Product Features

Fire-fighting function:Equipped with 25m range water gun,it can be used as atemporary fire truck.

Greening function:The sprinkler system has a mixing function,which can mix pesticides and spray trees an green belts.

Suction pimp water function:It can suck water and store it to the water tank,and transport water for production operation.

Technical Parameters

Overall parameters Model TLS753
Brang Tonly
Drive mode 6*4
GVW (t) 72
Rated payload(t) 50
Kerb weight (t) 22
Dimensions (mm) 11295*3340*3965
Wheelbase (mm) 5075+1550
Whell track (mm) 2680/2500
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 305
Minimum turning radius (m) 12.6
Braking distance (m) 12
Maximum climbing degree (%) ≥32
Maximum speed (km/h) 40
Engine Model WP12G430E310
Manufacturer/Country Weichai/China
Power (hp/kw) 430/316
Transmission Model 7DS180
Manufacturer/Country Fast/China
Input torque (N•m) 1800
Axle Manufacturer/Country Hande/China
Load/T 20+35+35
Tires/Rims Tire model 14.00-25
Rim size 10.0/2.0-25
Water Pump Model 80QZB60/90S
Manufacturer/Country Hangzhou Weilong/China
Tank Inner cavity size (mm) 8100*3250*2200
Plate thickness Tank body 6mm;wave stopper 6mm (6pieces)
Material Q355B (optional stainless steel material)