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TONLY shines at Indonesia International Mining Exhibition

15 Sep 2022

On September 14th, 2022, Mining Indonesia was grandly opened in Jakarta, Indonesia. TONLY and local dealer PT. UNITED EQUIPMENT INDONESIA jointly participated in the exhibition.




As a leader in off-road wide body dump trucks and an industry-leading supplier of engineering transportation solutions and equipment, TONLY has always been guided by market demand, focusing on mine construction needs, constantly innovating and developing, and has developed a number of high-efficiency, high-efficiency and high-efficiency products. Reliable products are favored by end users. At this exhibition, TONLY will focus on its top quality products: TL875KR and TL849R off-road wide body dump trucks. This exhibition has laid a good foundation for the long-term development of TONLY in the Indonesian market.



Over the years, TONLY not only performed well in the Indonesian market, but also achieved fast growth in the global mining market. TONLY dump trucks have better adaptability to working conditions and have won market reputation. TONLY will continue to provide more reliable equipment and high-quality services for the majority of global customers. Continuously improve customer satisfaction and create greater customer value.