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TL855B Working on open iron ore of Malaysia

21 Sep 2020
On Service Model TL855B Excavator Model/m³ 1.8 m3
Annual Production Plan/Million Tons 55 Temperature/℃ 28o-32o
Density/T/m³ 2.5 T/cm3 Material Diameter/mm 150229 mm
Gradient/% 40 Single Trip Distance/km 7 KM

GE Mining had purchased a huge fleet of TL855B from TCIM since TCIM has became TONLY sole distributor in Malaysia. While preparing to start a new mining site, GE Mining decided to purchase additional 20 units TL855B to add in their current fleet. GE Mining decision to purchase because of TL855B reliability and powerful engine. Nevertheless, GE Mining operators praise TL855B heavy duty chassis frame which suits quarry operation and short dumping cycle.