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TL849R Running in rough working conditions of Indonesia

22 Sep 2020
On Service Model


Excavator Model/m³ 3.2 CBM
Annual Production Plan/Million Tons 9M Temperature/℃


Density/T/m³ 1.5 Material Diameter/mm < 80
Gradient/% 15 Single Trip Distance/km 1.8

Tonly has been emerging in Indonesia Market for years and even under the huge pressure of competing with the world class player we still owns reputation and position with the fast upgrading of our mining dump trucks and the on-site service. The good performance of Tonly Overseas not only draws attention to the contractor but also the owner as well.


With Special designed model of TL849R, it fits the rough road and humid working conditions. The U-Shape cargo box makes the unloading of earthwork easier and smoother.