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Economical efficiency TL849R applied in land reclamation of CGLM , Malaysia

21 Sep 2020
On Service Model TL849R Excavator Model/m³ 1.8 m3
Annual Production Plan/Million Tons N/A Temperature/℃ 28o-32o
Density/T/m³ 1.44 T/cm3 Material Diameter/mm 12 mm
Gradient/% 10% Single Trip Distance/km 10-20 KM

CGLM was tasked to build golf courses, resorts, apartments and houses. However, land reclamation have to be done as the foundation before all the construction begins. In order to have a smooth operation on land reclamation work, CGLM decided to purchase 20 units of TL849R. With 6X6 drivetrain equipped as standard on TL849R and its high ground clearance, these 2 features have complemented TL849R ability to work on swampy areas. Compared with second hand Volvo ADT, Tonly TL849R enjoy more economical efficiency and higher IOR advantage.