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42 Millions quarry aquires TL875B in Seng Hong, Malaysia

21 Sep 2020
On Service Model TL875B Excavator Model/m³ 1.8 m3
Annual Production Plan/Million Tons 42 Temperature/℃ 28o-32o
Density/T/m³ 2.69 T/cm3 Material Diameter/mm 76482 mm
Gradient/% 17.60% Single Trip Distance/km 2-8 KM

Before adding 2 units of brand new TL875B to their fleet, Seng Hong Quarry has owned few units of TONLY mining dump truck. In order to increase quarry’s annual productivity, Seng Hong Quarry decided to purchase 2 units of TL875B from TCIM. TL875B has assisted Seng Hong Quarry to meet the productivity they have aimed for and they are happy with their purchase of TL875B. Seng Hong Quarry is the first customer to purchase and own TL875B in Malaysia.

Up to now Seng Hong have satisfied Tonly mining dump truck performance in his quarry and would like to purchase Tonly continuously in his next project.