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400 Plus units of TL875B Running in Pakistan

20 Jul 2020
On Service Model TL875B Excavator Model/m³ Komatsu PC1250
Annual Production Plan/Mn Tons 7.6 Temperature 0~50
Gravity/T/m³ 1.5~1.8 Material Diameter/mm <500
Gradient/% 8 Single Trip Distance/km 2.6


There are more than 400 units of TONLY TL875B mining dump truck running in Thar coal block of Pakistan. Mining dump trucks acquired by the local contractor were mainly employed in transporting overburden and coal. The temperature here is up to 50℃, and the high corrosive soil makes the working condition extremely worse, TONLY sent engineers team in 2014 and did lots of survies beforehand to provide them with custom-made products. Featured with good adaptability and reliability of Tonly’s mining dump trucks together with high performance-cost won rewarding of the local contractor.